Saturday, August 9, 2014

Salt Detox Lavender Bath

I was sent some of this Lavender bath salt from Salt Detox to try! This bath is full of all natural ingredients meant to help detox the body while replenishing nutrients. The ginger in the mixture helps your body heat up to further sweat out and release the toxins and while the bath cools and your relax to the wonderful sent your skin absorbs the minerals in the salt and you are left with healthy, glowing skin.

I put two handfuls of this mix into running bath water that was a hot as I could find comfortable and filled it so that most of my body would be submerged. The soothing smell of lavender was relaxing while I popped in a movie to watch while in the bath. There are no artificial scents or dyes so I had no problem with irritation. I did get a bit light headed but that is part of the detox process so be sure to be careful as you get out of the bath and then relax in bed with some glasses of ice water.

I love this product and will be ordering myself their full range including a bath with coconut milk and a dead sea salt bath. Their ingredients are all natural but boast of a range of benefits including detoxifying, moisturizing, reducing inflammation, and aiding in problems like acne, cellulite, and eczema. Definitely check out their range and order some for yourself! They are based in australia and you can check them out at their website or on instagram (@saltdetox).

Will you be trying out one of their amazing baths for yourself? I'll be hopping in the bath right after I hit post.

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