Friday, August 8, 2014

Life Lately

Just popping in for a quick update before I get back to your regularly scheduled blogging. I've been a total slack and a half lately as I have started a new job and needed a bit of time to adjust to the hours and schedule. I've realized that I'm not going to simply find the time to blog but I am going to MAKE the time. I will turning my sit in the bath and do nothing but binge on Netflix time into a place where I can also blog to get two things done at once- pampering and productivity. This hopefully explains the quality of the picture. I only use my iphone for pictures but once you combine that with the poor light in my bedroom at 5 in the morning it doesn't lead to the greatest pictures.

I haven't made any notable discoveries in the music department lately which is pretty strange but I am at work for most of the day and I just spend time with my family and catch up on shows when I am home. Manchester Orchestra released their first 3 albums repressed on vinyl so I ordered those with my first pay to finish off my collection- now to just wait for Andy to get Right Away, Great Captain! albums repressed and I will be set (rumor is this has a chance of happening). Last weekend I saw Black Flag which was sick. There is only one remaining original member so it was almost like seeing a cover band but I will give credit where it's due- I loved every Henry Rollins-less minute of it.

Movies and Television
My summer shows have returned so I have been enjoying Covert Affairs on a weekly basis. My latest Netflix binge has been The Tudors which I am really enjoying and I just started season 3 this morning. I haven't watched many movies lately since I simply haven't had the time outside of throwing one on and then falling asleep but I did watch My Girl with my mom the other night when I saw that it was on Netflix instant. My mom hasn't seen the whole movie through so I put it on and we were both crying on the couch by the end. I have seen it enough times you would think I know what to expect but I don't think you ever get over it.

Sadly, I have been so busy that I have not been able to try any new recipes but I cannot get enough of an easy, quinoa salad. I just cook a big batch of quinoa and cut up cherry tomatoes, cucumber, and olives. Sometimes I will cook some spinach in coconut oil and a bit of lemon juice until it just starts to wilt. Once the quinoa is cooked and cooled I add the chopped up veggies and the spinach. I make a dressing of lemon juice, vinegar, olive oil, basil, and a touch of honey that I pour over and mix through. I then let it sit in the fridge until it is cold before serving. I don't have dairy often but if you are add some feta or mozzarella cheese. You can also use a dressing of oil, balsamic vinegar, and a bit of honey.

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