Friday, August 15, 2014

5 things I learned going makeup free

Photo from the Free People blog

I've never been one who needed a full face of makeup to leave the house but I would always throw on the bare minimum to make sure I looked more alive and awake. I decided to give my face a break recently and went makeup free for a couple of weeks.

1. Makeup routines take time I don't think I realized the full extent of the time spent putting makeup on in the morning. Even a quick, 5 minute makeup routine adds up to over half an hour a week. Considering how often its not a quick 5 minute routine there are more than a few days I was able to hit snooze on my alarm a few more times before finally rolling out of bed. I loved being able to streamline my morning routine and get out the door in much less time.

2. You still need to wash your face I found myself feeling more lazy about washing my face before bed since I wasn't wearing makeup. Turns out that was a bad idea. My skin was rather well behaved lately and I noticed spots popping up everywhere. Every day our faces get caked in dirt, toxins, and bacteria from the air around us so even if you aren't wearing makeup it is still important to wash your face before bed. Skin care is more important than makeup. Having a healthy base to start with before applying makeup is much more important than your ability to cover up trouble skin.

3. Nobody cares about your dark circles No matter what I do I have the worst dark circles and always went to town with concealer to try to cover them up. Turns out, I'm the only one who cares about them. People weren't staring at my dark circles, they weren't whispering about the girl with no concealer on her undereyes. The only person who cared that they were there was me. I wish I could say I grew to not be bothered by them in this time but the truth is I couldn't wait to pick up that concealer once my break was over.

4. It's hard to kick the habit For many of us, once you start wearing makeup it almost becomes a necessity. We reach for concealer to cover a spot, blush and bronzer for a flush of color, and run some mascara through our lashes. Even after a couple of weeks I found myself reaching for it almost out of instinct and couldn't wait for it to be over.

5. You're still the same, beautiful you without it  Wearing makeup as a form of self-expression is really what it should be about, but for many of us it comes from a place of insecurity. There were times where I just really missed my favorite blush or lipstick and there were other times when I felt like I needed to cover up my various imperfections on my face and that I felt a bit self conscious going out without it. These two weeks made me realize that insecurity was a bit more of a motivation for some makeup than I originally thought it was. It's important to evaluate what your reason for wearing makeup is rooted in and to remember that its not meant to hide behind. Try to turn it into a place of fun and expression and remember that it is not a NEED and you truly are the same person and beautiful without it. You aren't less without makeup. Throughout these two weeks nobody really noticed that I wasn't wearing makeup, I was the same Meg to them that they saw every day.


  1. I've just spent about half an hour reading through your blog!! I absolutely LOVE the design, it's so classy. And your posts are so interesting too :) consider me a new follower! And I've been going makeup free quite a bit this summer, it's amazing th difference it made to my skin! Xx

    1. Thank you!! Its's amazing what simply giving your skin a chance to breathe can do for loads of troubles! Between that and the convenience of skipping that whole part of my routine in the morning I think I will be going makeup free a lot more after this!