Saturday, July 12, 2014

Coconut Oil-Believe the Hype?

I was a little skeptical of all the hype surrounding coconut oil for a while so I did a little digging into what I could use it for and picked some up at Trader Joe's to try. Coconut oil is a semi solid, white substance that turns to liquid once it is in your hand and leave you smelling deliciously like coconut. Claims range from miracle hair treatment, skin moisturizer, makeup remover, even shaving cream. I tested out a few of these claims to see how it measured up.

Deep Conditioning Hair Treatment This is possibly one of the most popular uses for coconut oil outside of cooking and I can see why. Before showering I took a small scoop with my hand and applied to my hair, mid shaft to tip. I then pinned it up and threw on a shower cap for a couple of hours. Sometimes it takes two shampoos to wash it all out so my hair is no excessively oily but even then it does the trick. Even my severely damaged, dry hair is left soft and smooth. Sometimes I will even throw a towel or old pillow case on my pillows and sleep in the oil

Dry Scalp/Dandruff I had a sunburn on my scalp and combined with the dry desert heat my scalp can be a little unruly at times. When this is the case I found massaging coconut oil into my scalp a perfect way to combat a dry scalp. I did this as an overnight treatment and woke up to a much happier scalp. Did I mention that it is believed massaging your scalp can help stimulate hair growth?

Makeup Remover Coconut oil has become my makeup remover of choice. With the exception of removing false lashes (the oil breaks down band on the lashes) I use it to take everything off. Even the most stubborn mascara and eyeliner is no match while I quickly remover all traces of the stuff. Just apply and rub gently with a cotton pad and you will see how easily your makeup comes off without sacrificing a lash or two! No harsh chemicals, no weird film, no drying, and you know exactly what you are putting around your eyes. Your eyes can also benefit from the moisturizing properties of the oil.

What really sold me on coconut oil is not just its effectiveness but how affordable and versatile it is. If I can buy one product and use it for multiple things to save money I'm going to take that opportunity. If you haven't tried it out yet I suggest you do because all the hype has been worth it.

Have you added coconut oil to your beauty regimen? What are your favorite ways to use it?

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