Monday, June 2, 2014

Pimp Your Water

I'm sure you're sick of hearing everyone and their doctor tell you to drink more water. Water is boring and I can only have so many glasses of it before I am begging for something with taste. We all know pop isn't good for you and you would be surprised just how much sugar and chemicals are put into juice. So what is the health conscious but flavor loving person supposed to do to make sure they get the water they need? That's where infused waters come in, or as many people call it "detox water."

I LOVE adding different combinations of fruit, mint, and cucumber into my water. This not only helps give your bland water a refreshing taste, but it loads it full of vitamins and minerals! The health and beauty benefits of infused water include glowing skin, detoxing, aiding in digestion, and helping with digestive inflammation and nausea! Here are some of my favorite additions to my water and their benefits as well as some very tasty combinations.

I love this stuff and drink it every day with different combinations. This is just to get you started there are loads of fruits you can try until you find your favorites!I love making some green tea and then pouring it in a pitcher or glass container and then adding my favorite fruits or ice cubes for an added boost with the health benefits of the green tea! I also have hot water with lemon and mint every morning before breakfast and it's a great start to my day! You can even add it to coconut water!

You can order different types of infusion bottles but I just stick it in a Voss bottle or mason jars and bring them to work, class, or running errands for the day!

Have you been trying infused water? What are some of your favorites?

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  1. Water increases your metabolism, helps you fill more full so you eat less, and promotes proper organ function along with a LOT of other healthy benefits. Drinking fruit infused water was so important to me, I even wrote a fruit infused water book about it at

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