Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Long, Feathery Lashes with Calvin Klein CK One Mascara

My favorite, go-to lash look for every day, light makeup is long, feathery lashes without sacrificing volume. Too much volume through the lengths of the lashes can sometimes be too much when you're going for a fresh, light face. This look gives you the perfect balance.

I've been using Calvin Klein CK One mascara in black. The key is to focus on the base of the lashes. Start with a quick pass of an eyelash curler before applying mascara. Apply a few coats of mascara at the base with the wand on the volumizing setting by pressing the brush at the lash line and moving it back and forth a bit. Give the mascara wand a quick twist while you let these coats dry and then apply a coat from the base to the tip of the lashes with the lengthening setting. By concentrating the mascara on the base you get the look of a fuller lash line without the clumping or thickness through to the tip, leaving your lashes long and light. This mascara lasts all day, doesn't clump, and the design of the brush is perfect for this look.

If you want to go for the colored look this mascara comes in Trip which is a violet color and Electrify which is blue. You can pick up this mascara from Ulta for $18 or it is free with their rewards program as your birthday gift!


  1. Do you know any other stores that have it? There's not an Ulta in my area.

    1. Last I checked Ulta was the exclusive retailer for the CK One makeup line but I saw a couple of them on amazon. They are available to order online from Ulta as well!