Thursday, April 17, 2014

Beach Babes- Bathing Suits for the fuller figure

As requested I decided to do a bathing suit post! I think half of the fear with wearing bathing suits comes from not being able to find one that is cute and that fits a fuller figure or plus size body without throwing away style. Often times stores don't carry these sizes or if they do they are boring, black, and my mom wouldn't even wear them. It's frustrating and its easy to give up and think there is NOTHING out there for you! Here are just some of my favorite options from a few places to show you the kind of variety that is out there!

These are some of my favorites from Always for Me, a website specializing in plus size bathing suits, active wear, and lingerie for sizes 16W-26W and a juniors plus size collection which is often hard to find! They have a wide variety of styles, colors, and patterns including one and two piece bathing suits! Most of the solids come with multiple color options!

ASOS has a great variety in their curve and plus size collection! In case you aren't familiar with ASOS they have free shipping both ways. I have often purchased the same item in two sizes and returned whichever one didn't fit if I wasn't sure what size I needed. Here are some of my favorites! Most of them are two piece but they do have a few one piece that I included! 

Next we have the Torrid swim collection. Torrid carries clothes for sizes 12-28 so it covers a range of fuller and plus size figures with fashionable, fun options. Here are 6 of my favorites and they have loads of options to mix and match!

Next we have Forever 21 + swimwear collection. I'm not sure how the quality is, generally Forever 21 doesn't have the best quality clothing and I find their plus size collection is the same, if not worse but compared to the other options I have found they are more affordable and they are fashionable and fun. Most of their bathing suits comes with the same patterns and colors repeated in different styles so I tried to cover most of the colors/patterns/styles to give you an idea of the whole collection. Many of them have removable straps as well.

Another GREAT website is Swim Suits For All! I love their Swim Sexy collection! It's full of fun prints and bright colors!

 I hope this post helped you see that there are loads of fun, flirty, fashionable bathing suits out there for the fuller and plus size figure! If you know of any more places please let me know in the comments and share with all of us! Remember that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and there is no "right" body to have to wear a bathing suit! Find something that makes you feel comfortable and rock it!

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  1. YAY MEG thank you!!! Hopefully I actually get into a swim suit this year.

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