Friday, January 17, 2014


This is going to be a little different but hang in there! I've been talking a lot on twitter about really kicking my butt into gear and not taking my health and fitness goals with half of the attention it deserves in 2014. In doing so I have been posting a lot of the foods I have been eating this week which has been my "kick start" and had loads of questions about it! This is a little out of the norm but I truly think that the very basics of beauty come with taking care of yourself on the inside, mind and body, and it will show on the outside. For the next couple of days I will be giving you tips and recipe ideas that I have followed this week! I'm not a nutritionist but I did a lot of research before doing this and I hope that it can help you!

I decided to do a full week cleanse from added sugar while starting it off with a three day juice cleanse. I did my own cleanse based on recipes that I researched but here are some guidelines and tips for finding the right juices for you:

  • get rid of the 3 meals a day idea. Consume 6 fresh juices (about every 2 hours or so). Start your day with hot water and lemon and end it with the same or a unsweetened, herbal tea before bed. If you are very hungry you can go ahead and make another juice. You can include organic, 100% coconut water into your juices if you do not want to drink it on your own.
  • Use things you already like but don't overload on the fruits. Limit drinks that are high in fruit to one or two a day because they are packed with sugar (its natural and better than added sugar but you don't want too much). The point is to get your GREENS- we're talking kale, spinach, cucumber. 
  • light exercise is good and encouraged but nothing strenuous. remember you are consuming only juices and don't push yourself! The point is not to lose weight but just give your body a much needed refresher.
  • if you need to juice ahead of time for the day store your juice in glass containers that you fill all the way to the top and close tightly. Plastic is permeable to oxygen which isn't good for you juice. Throw it in a fridge at work or school or keep it in a bag that can keep it cool. 
  • If you need to sweeten up your juice throw in half of a medium lemon or lime and apples. Green apples have less sugar than red but both are great.
Here are some of my favorite juice recipes that I used this week! You can mix and match vegetables and make your own creations based on what you like!

Just how bad is consuming nothing but juice? Honestly, it's not that bad. Sure I dramatically dreamed of chewing again but overall I felt great! My skin felt softer and looked better, with a healthy glow! I found that I didn't need loads of caffeine (I didn't have any while I was doing this) and after the first day my headache was gone. I didn't have a lull in energy in the middle of the afternoon, and overall i just felt better!

In the end I simply felt rejuvenated and healthy even though I couldn't wait for my first solid meal. I'm convinced that juicing isn't just some fad and I will be incorporating fresh juices into my daily diet and occasional 1-3 day all juice pick-me-ups. There are loads of health benefits that I can't ignore!

Have you ever done a juice cleanse? Are you interested in juicing? What are your health goals for this year?

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