Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Find Your Undertone

In my opinion the greatest thing I ever learned about makeup (aside from using lipstick as blush) its the simple task of knowing what the undertones of your skin are. This will make everything easier- finding the perfect shade of foundation, the right bold statement lipstick that wont wash you out, even helping you pick hair color!Your skin tone is different from your undertone. While your skin tone can change based on how much or how little sun you have your undertones will never change. Take a few minutes and try some of these ways to figure out what the undertones of your skin are followed by a very basic guideline of where to go from there!

1. In the sunlight look at the veins on the lighter underside of your arm. If your veins look more blue or purple then you have cool tones. If they look green or yellow then you have warm tones. If you have a combination of the two then you have neutral tones.

2. Find pieces of jewelry that are gold and silver or platinum. Ignoring what you like best, hold both against your skin. If the silver jewelry looks better then you have cool tones. If the gold looks better you have warm tones. If one looks just as good as the other then you are neutral!

3. With a freshly washed face pull your hair back into a pony tail or lay a white towel over it. Use another towel and wrap it around shoulders or wear white bathrobe. When you look in the mirror pay attention to what color your skin looks. If it looks more blue you have cool undertones, yellow means warm undertones, and greenish means neutral!

Now that you have that figured out its time to look more into what that means! Knowing your undertone is going to make a world of difference when buying foundation. With a warm tone you want to go for colors that have a yellow or peach base. For cool tones you want to opt for a foundation that has a neutral or pink base. The next time you go to the store look at foundations and compare to get a better idea. I usually follow the "if you want to wear it then do it" philosophy for eyeshadow and your eye color can also be taken into consideration but a basic guideline for what looks BEST on cool tones are blue, silver, grey, pinks, jewel tones, and even colors like magenta! For warm tones go for more earthy tones and golds, copper, bronze. Trouble finding the perfect red lip color? Cool tones go for a red with a blue base while you lucky warm tones that I envy can pull off a gorgeous orange lip and bright, orange based red! If you are neutral you are lucky and can pretty much pull it all off so go for it!

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