Monday, November 11, 2013

super cool colour

I love funky colored hair. Chances are if you are one of the people on Bleach London's instagram I have major hair envy. Since I have been in nursing school anything but natural colored hair has been banned from my head, and with job interviews coming up I couldn't risk going with anything permanent. Lucky for me, Bleach released a line of Super Cool Colour, bleach, and hair care products. Since I have a few friends who live in the UK I was able to find someone to pop out to Boots and pick me up some!

I picked the Rose, Parma Violets, and Blullini colors to try out of the selection available and waited patiently for them to arrive at my door! I also purchased the washing out liquid in case I need a quick wash out or there was lingering color. Following the directions on the bottle, I shampooed my hair as usual using a violet, toning shampoo and then applied the color to towel dried hair using gloves and a brush to help with the roots. I left the color in for a little longer than the bottle suggested, about 25 minutes, before rinsing until the water ran clear. One thing I love is the smell of the color, it doesn't smell like hair dye at all! I also found that it made my hair feel very soft. I applied a little leave in conditioner and then blow drying like usual.

Bleach suggests having very light, white blonde hair for the full effect of even and true color. My hair is naturally dark brown and I recently had some major highlighting done to go blonde. I loved the result that my hair had with the product. Since I have so many different tones in my hair it gave me many tones of pink throughout my highlights contrasted with the remaining brown in my hair. To say I was obsessed with the color is an understatement. Sorry for unmakeuped eyeball coming up it was RIGHT after I dried my hair.


The color is temporary and from what I have seen online it has lasted with some hint of color up to 2 weeks for some people. The bottle says it should last from 2-10 washes. In my case, the color lasted one wash with only a very slight pink tint to the tips of my hair. I wasn't expecting it to last forever but that is a tad disappointing. Then again, for 5 pounds (about 8 US dollars) and an at home color I couldn't expect very much.

I think I will use the remaining of my products and unless they are released in the US I will not purchase any more. I love the color but for how long it lasts in my hair it isn't worth the trouble of arranging its purchase with friends in the UK and the cost of shipping. If I could pick it up down the street it might be another story or it lasted longer it might be another story. If you are in the UK and wanting to try out a temporary color I would give these a try and hopefully your hair keeps the color a little longer than mine has! I still have the Blullini and Parma Violets color for when I am feeling adventurous again!

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