Sunday, October 13, 2013

Salt Spray Scuffle

If you want easy, beachy, texturized hair without too much work a salt spray is the way to go. I'm going to be completely honest here,  I think I might have a mild addiction. No, a salt spray isn't going to give you those perfect, beachy waves if your hair doesn't have some wave to it so lower your expectations this minute. It will, however, give you hair some texture and a bit of a messy look with a slight wave to it and a little more volume. However, with the use of other products and some styling with heat you can definitely achieve that look.

After trying a few products I have settled on the perfect Salt Spray for my hair, and not at a bad price either! Let's check out the Salt Spray Scuffle and see who comes out on top in the fight.

Our first contender is Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray. I first tried this after seeing the travel size bottle when I was in need of some retail therapy at Sephora. I had heard a lot of people say they loved it so I decided to give it a try. It did not live up to my expectations. I liked the texture it gave my hair but I found that it made my hair crunchy and further dried out my already embarrassingly damaged hair. Well, duh Meg, its a salt spray what do you expect the salt to do? But I refused to have crunchy hair and I knew there must be another spray out there! I used it for a couple of weeks, trying to limit my use and give my hair a little extra moisturizing attention to help it out and I did not grow to love the product. The result of the product does not equal the price that I paid for it and I don't think I will purchase this again.

Next we have the brilliant idea I had to use the salt spray recipe that is floating around pinterest. All I have to say about this is just don't do it. It doesn't hold well in my hair and just makes it dry and gross, it does not have a nice smell, and does not give me the texture that I was loo king for. I chucked the whole concoction like my life depended on it and threw my hair up for the rest of the day. Disaster.

Next we have Toni & Guy Casual Sea Salt Texturizing Spray. This is a winner in my book. To start off I love the smell of the product which is always a plus for me. I get the perfect amount of texture without my hair getting too crunchy. It adds a bit of a wave to long, naturally straight hair when I spray it in damp hair and scrunch or messily kind of spin pieces of hair while I dry it. I found that it was less drying than the other products I tried, which my hair thanks me for. I have loved this product so much I have used up a bottle and didn't hesitate to purchase another! Good news! You can now purchase many Toni & Guy products in Target, including the salt spray for around $15. No obnoxious ordering online like I had to do for the last two bottles I have purchased! 

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